DIY Onesie Appliques

So I’m trying to get my crafty self on but I don’t want to delve into something above my head or beyond my capabilities.  I ran across a onesie applique tutorial online and decided to give it a whirl.  I definitely used it as a guide but made some changes on my own so I’m going to give you my own instructions!





Materials needed:

-iron, ironing board



-machine washable iron-on adhesive, sewable if you plan to add stitching (I used HeatnBond LITE from Walmart)

-fabric (some crafty friends came to my aid with scraps they had for my first few trials and then I discovered fabric quarters at Jo-Ann Fabric which are about $1.99)


1. Decide on a shape for your applique.  I used my handy Cricut to cut the shapes (Give a Hoot & Playtime cartridges) but there are a lot of free shapes online or you really could just draw your own!  I use cardstock so the paper is thicker and not flimsy to trace.

2. Select your fabric and shirt/onesie and wash it w/o fabric softeners (I like to wash on gentle cycle so the fabric doesn’t fray as much.)

3. Iron your fabric and shirt/onesie and then iron it again and again and again…

4. Cut your adhesive and fabric into a workable size.  HeatnBond comes folded up so there are obvious rectangle shaped folds that I just cut out.  Follow the directions on your adhesive.  If you use HeatnBond you will then preheat your iron to med/hot but I prefer hot with no steam.  Place your adhesive on the back of your fabric (the paper liner should face up).

5.Place and hold your iron on the paper liner for a few seconds until bonded.  Cool

6. Trace your shape onto the paper liner and cut it out.  Peel off the paper liner.

7. Place your shape, adhesive side down, where you want it to adhere on the shirt/onesie.  Place and hold your iron on the shape for several seconds until bonded.

8. Once cool you can then use embroidery floss and an embroidery needle to create a stitch around the shape.  I’m a big fan of this step but I have trouble creating an even stitch (you could totally use a sewing machine, I just don’t have one) so I skip it for now.  I did feel comfortable adding a button to the bird’s eye as you can see above.  Just make sure you really secure anything you are adding to your design and make sure it is machine washable.  I recommend washing these inside out after they are made.